Today is a new day

When I was small I had dreams of becoming a tap-dancing marine biologist.

I grew up a little and had visions of being a famous singer who would moonlight as a macro photographer.

That seems like a long time ago and no, I do not hold those youthful goals in my mind any longer. The problem seems to be that I hold no goals in my mind any longer and life has become a series of false starts and early finishes.

I can’t pinpoint where I began forgetting how to dream. All I know is that, at this point in my life, all I want is to remember how.

New growth always inspires me.

So, this is a memoir. A series of memories documented. An exploration into myself, my life and all else to try and find health, vibrancy, creativity and energy. Without these things I can’t grow – and that’s what I want to do – keep on growing.

– Heidi


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