Happy heart home soon

The sun on this cold autumn night is winking away, leaving wonderfully smooth clouds softly lingering over the city skyline. All of the little lights have come on now. Red lights, green lights, lights that flicker, lights that buzz and crackle. There's always noise in the city. I'm feeling heavy in the head and my [...]


Not quite winter

I'm surrounded by our big linen-covered cushions, sitting curled up on the couch. It's late and the cold outside hasn't found its way in tonight. Four warm hearts are sitting around our table playing Dungeons and Dragons, making happy noise with their adventures and loud snacking on Doritos. I'm listening to Jack Johnson in the [...]

My week in pictures

Here are some photos I took this week. Enjoy! 1. Sail boats out on Sydney Harbour 2 & 3. A card I made for someone special 4. Natives in my mum's front garden 5. A cute little flower pot holder named Molly 6. Making the potato stamp I used for the card   - Heidi [...]

Weekly favourite: Yummy smoothies

I recently got a commercial-grade blender to make smoothies that could be both adventurous and nutritious. I've really enjoyed experimenting with ingredients like kale, ginger, cucumber, beetroot and frozen grapes. I've also been adding chia, maca, acai and other 'super foods' which add a nice flavour and more goodness. This morning's smoothie was a simple [...]