Winter is coming

Let’s be honest, I’m afraid of winter.

I was recently trying to get into Game of Thrones (the show) but was finding it made me feel so awful and sad! The show is shot beautifully and the acting is beyond amazing BUT the violence, abuse and frequent cruelty displayed is just too much for me. After talking to my husband about it, he encouraged me to stop watching if it was making me feel so bad.

I’ve been trying to be more aware of the things that make me feel down. I know life can be cruel and complex but I have started realising that a lot of the things that kill my mood are things I CHOOSE to do. As much as I am trying to make better choices to grow a happy heart, I am struggling to imagine just how I’ll keep doing this over winter.

A photo I took at the very beginning of winter two years ago.
A photo I took at the very beginning of winter two years ago.

Typically, when the cold sets in, I start feeling miserable and tired all the time. It may just be in my head but I know how hard it can be to find positivity and sunshine on a cloudy, cold day.

I’m hoping to come up with ways to withstand the colder months and maybe I’ll share my ideas or successful techniques here.

To start with, I’ve finally stopped by the camera store to pick up a new battery charger for my very dusty camera. I think that by noticing the beautiful aspects of my surroundings, the seasons, the sky… that I’ll find sunshine in the winter months that are knocking on our door.

Heidi xx

P.s. Ironically, a strong theme in Game of Thrones is that – said in a booming voice filled with foreboding – “Winter is coming!…”

I found that kind of funny but hey, it’s so true! I can’t stop winter so I’m going to have to concentrate on not letting it stop me.


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