Bowerbird bits: Philippa Stanton

I first found Philippa Stanton via her Instagram feed (@5ftinf). I then realised, she had a blog of the same name and through that, discovered Philippa’s art.

If you visit Philippa’s website you can read about her amazing ability to see taste, scent and sound due to her being Synaesthetic. She uses her incredible ability to create the most breath-taking paintings!

I remember reading about abilities like this in Oliver Sack’s books and I was intrigued. I myself have a very strong sense-based memory which allows me to remember very specific moments of my life in scent, sound or taste rather than moving pictures. I also sometimes recollect memories as pure emotions – no detail or context, just how I felt.

Philippa’s work is simply stunning. Her pieces carry titles such as ‘Amy Winehouse Voice (tears dry on their own)’ and ‘Scent of Stocks’ and convey a most amazing perspective on life.

What I love the most is that each piece is so unique – woven with delicate subtleties or filled with broad and bold expression… or both, if that’s even possible.

In personal times of blankness, stiffness and blah-ness I find myself returning to Philippa’s work and am reminded again about the intricacies of all that life can be and is.

I also love seeing her masterful composition photographs of ‘The Table ‘covered in everyday objects. They fill my Instagram feed with vibrant stories and quiet humming.

You should definitely take a peek and get acquainted with Philippa Stanton.

– Heidi xx


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