Happy heart home soon

The sun on this cold autumn night is winking away, leaving wonderfully smooth clouds softly lingering over the city skyline.


All of the little lights have come on now. Red lights, green lights, lights that flicker, lights that buzz and crackle.
There’s always noise in the city.

I’m feeling heavy in the head and my eyes are dry from staring at my screen all day. I’m thinking about making dinner, making our little house neat and making my mum feel welcome tonight.

It’s been a long day but an exciting day.
Talks of the future, my gifting and passions laid a beautiful foundation to this day. I am thankful that somebody made the time to listen to my dreams. Finding kindred spirits always leads to a happy heart.

Cool blue sky turns warm for a while and then plunges into deep indigo rest while my train weaves its way west then north. Home soon.


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