5 reasons why I want to blog

1. I like writing
It’s true. I love to put pen to paper, fingers to keys and just blab on! Seeing my thoughts and feelings written out in words is truly satisfying. The challenge to find just the right ones is always a thrill and when anyone reads my words and likes them?… Well, my heart does a little happy dance and I feel all chuffed.
I’ve even thought of writing a book one day but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. A blog might be a good start I’d say (see point number 5).

2. I like blogs
When I’m sad, bored, excited or otherwise I visit my favourite little online nook, Bloglovin’. It’s a bit of a ‘happy place’ for me. The blogs I follow are a big beautiful tangle of inspiration and energy. I read blogs about interior design, fashion, photography, story-telling, knitting, baking and all manner more of the things I love. I want to be part of that.

3. I love sharing
When people speak to me I love to listen but anyone who knows me also knows I love to talk! I never hesitate to tell my story if I think it will bring something rich to someone else. I love sharing stories back and forth with people and finding all the sparkly gems we have to share – even in the dark chapters (they’re usually the best ones for sparkly gems).

4. I want to learn
I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit rubbish at taking advice from other people. I’ve always felt a little guarded when it comes to admitting I don’t know something because it feels like I’m pointing out my flaws (and there are plenty!). What I’m realising, as I get old and grey, is that flaws are totally ok and – shock, horror – pointing them out means finding room for improvement and enrichment. I’ve already learnt so much from just reading blogs that I can’t help but wonder how much I could learn if I could ask questions myself and hear answers right here on my very own bloggy blog blog?

5. I am a procrastinator
Ok, this doesn’t seem very logical right? You don’t just wake up one day saying “Oh hey, know how I find it hard to commit to anything, finish anything or stay motivated? Well, I thought I’d start a new project – a blog!” But hear me out.
If I love blogging and can grab my phone anytime and post something, I figure I’ve got a pretty good chance at finding the motivation and opportunity to keep going at something like this. I would love to look back on this blog as an exception to my procrastinating ways and proof that I can be good at something for the long haul.
That all sounds a bit mushy but hey, I’m often a big mush-ball of a gal. And this is my blog. So yeah.

So this is it people… Heidibidey blog begins! (I totally pictured Batman just now – writing this inaugural post feels pretty dramatic I must say).


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