My winter skin savers

The good old irony of winter seems to be that you’re either freezing your nuggets off or getting slowly baked crispy by heaters.

This annoys me. I already have an aversion to feeling crackly due my already-dry skin but winter… winter, you’re a butthead in this department.

To combat the evils of blistery cold mornings and the evening aftermath of my air-conditioned day in the office, I’ve had to come up with a bit of a winter skin care routine.

In the morning it looks a little bit like this:

My morning routine for winter.
My morning routine for winter.

1. Cleanse with St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. This stuff is really nourishing as well as exfoliating. It does say to use only 3-4 times a week so if I’m not using this, I’ll swap it out for my regular cream cleanser.

2. Moisturise with Chia Seed Water from The Face Shop. OMG I love this. It’s super light and absorbs quickly but really packs in the moisture and because of this, it’s perfect for day time.

3. I use organic Rosehip Oil from Perfect Potion as a bit of a winter skin-saver on and off. If my skin feels particularly thirsty and I’m having a no makeup day, I often will use this as a moisturiser on its own. It really revives my skin and works its magic without making me break out. I will say though, it doesn’t smell anything like roses… it kinda smells a bit gross so beware of that.

Then, in the evenings I switch to my night-time routine:

My night-time routine for winter.
My night-time routine for winter.

1. Using a nice warm washer with a blob of Burt’s Bees’ Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser on it, I get all my makeup off and gently wash my face. This cleanser’s working really well for me. It’s quite milky and smells slightly herbal because of the clary sage it contains. I’ve only been using it for a short time but it feels much nicer on my skin than the clarifying Avene face wash I was using in the warmer months.

2. Before bed, I use Avon’s Luminosity Pro Brightening Cream from their Anew Clinical line. It feels light going on but hydrates really well. My skin can be quite red and blotchy so I use this to help even out my skin tone.

3. I’ve also been using the Advanced Wrinkle Corrector from Avon. It helps smooth out my wrinkly bits and is quite thick. I’m pretty sure it would be packed with something that helps plump skin because my skin always feels much more elastic and soft after I’ve used this. It’s pretty rad.

4. Again, I get out the old Rosehip Oil and use this as my base moisturiser sometimes. If it’s a long time from when I take a shower at night till when I snooze, I’ll moisturise with this and then use the other guys while I’m getting ready for bed.

Ok, so that’s how I’ve been helping my skin survive this winter. What do you do to combat the dreaded cold? Let me know if you have any good tips or product recommendations!


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