Pretty polish: Burgundy is the new black

In the winter I love to wear deep dark reds, purples and burgundies. They’re my vampy version of the good old black polish I guess. Here’s four of my favourite little manicures of late. These are shots I’ve taken with my phone for Instagram.


Top left – OPI Midnight in Moscow with a touch of OPI Sparkle-icious
This is by far one of my top 5 most favourite polishes ever! It’s a beautiful almost-black polish with just a hint of deep warm purple. It is really flattering with my skin tone and is the closest thing to a black polish you’ll see me wearing.

Top right – OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest
I got this polish recently and, when I saw it person, I was worried it was too similar to Midnight in Moscow… but then I put it on and saw how it shone! It’s a very similar colour to ‘M in M’ but has a wine-coloured inner glow that adds such a lively edge to it. It’s such a beautiful deep red and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this colour.

Bottom left – OPI Vampsterdam with a black triangle feature
This polish is a bit challenging. It looks beautiful in the bottle and is a simple dark berry purple that is definitely a pure pearlescent polish. It isn’t shimmery or multi-facet at all and that makes it a little temperamental. My nails in this picture were painted at night and in the light of day I realised how sheer this colour is. I know now to layer up with this one but hey, it’s such a pretty colour, I think it’s worth it!

Bottom right – Revlon Scandalous
This one is a bit of fun and not something you see very often. It’s a black jelly polish filled with bright purple glitters. After about 3 coats it looks pretty awesome. It’s the most adventurous polish in this little set. I love it.

So, I hope you liked reading about my favourite winter ‘blacks’. What colours do you like to wear in the winter?


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