Verandah out the front, and an old rocking chair…

Since I was little, I’ve always loved the idea of having a big old verandah. When I grew up I was going to buy me a house in a little town and it would have a gorgeous porch with some cosy chairs. It would look a little something like this:

front verandah.002
“give me a home among the gumtrees… a clothesline out the back, verandah out the front, and an old rocking chair…”

My verandah dream image has changed and grown into something a little more modern – but nonetheless simple and beautiful just like this old farmhouse.

One thing I know is that my “big old verandah” may end up being more like a “cosy nook of a porch”. Either way, it’s going to be a place for lazy days when I just want to sit and watch the world go by or escape the zing of the summer sun, laid back in the pools of blessed shade. Oh the bliss… sigh.

Well, until I really have my own, here’s some verandah/porch inspiration for your lazy Saturday.

porches1 porches2


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