Keeping warm in winter

I have a love/hate relationship with Winter…

I love how it looks – the beautiful grey skies, drizzly rain, big clear days where you can see all the spiny winter branches and Autumn’s old leaves disappearing slowly from the ground.

But, I hate how it feels – cold. Boo!

There are a few tricks I’ve learnt that help me stay warm in winter, so keep reading to find out what they are…

“Want a little piece of my warm-ness? Ok, let’s share huh?”

Take a shower before bed.
Just before you’re about to jump under the covers, jump under a hot shower to raise your core body temperature. Once you’ve thawed out, get your PJs on and hop in bed while you’re still really warm. Getting warm before you get in bed will help you stay warm. I always found it hard to get warm from scratch, so this is a good cheat – and it’ll help you sleep better!

Tuck everything in.
There is something magical that happens when you tuck one thing into another. Trust me. Tuck your pants into your socks, your singlet into your pants, your top into your pants and, if you’re heading to bed, tuck the covers under and around you. You’ll get toasty in no time.

Cover your head, hands and feet.
We lose heat from our head, feet and hands so cover them up! It’s a no-brainer but I always find myself walking about the house with no shoes or socks on and I’m freezing…. pop something on those feet and I’m toasty in minutes. So beanies, gloves and socks/shoes will keep all your coldest bits warm.

Scarves, scarves and more scarves.
I wear scarves alot. Maybe a little too much but hey, I very rarely get coughs or colds so maybe they really do help. It doesn’t have to be a big woolly scarf to keep your chest warm either. I often wear thin cotton scarves wrapped loosely around my neck and they seem to help keep your chest cosy enough. Sometimes I wrap my scarves so they scoop down a little at the back too and that can be really good if you’re worried about getting a cold.

Cuddle with a warm cup.
Sometimes, we have to sit still for work or when we’re doing important things (like blogging!) and that’s when it seems hardest to keep the cold away. When I’m typing, it’s the worst! So, I started making hot drinks in my mug so I had something warm to hold. And, if you’re not thirsty or don’t want a drink, you can just pour a big cup of hot water and wrap your hands around it to help keep them happy – just be careful of boiling water as it makes your mug get very hot.

Tidy up.
I’m a professional-level procrastinator but even I can’t deny the benefits of doing (even) a “10-minute tidy up”. Not only do you feel better when things are in their right spot, but the movement of zipping about really helps improve your circulation and therefor warming your extremities up and adding a bit of pink to your cheeks.

Embrace the magic of blankets.
It seems simple enough but let me just say that blankets are more magic than you think. They keep you warm, you can take them anywhere and when you put more than one together they create a… SUPER BLANKET! We just added a second blanket to our bed and it has seriously changed our lives. We sleep better and feel refreshed in the morning instead of all achy and irritated. I keep blankets on the couch too and they’re great to just wrap around your feet or hands when you’re wanting a snuggle or feeling a little frozen.

Why keep warm?
Even if you don’t mind the cold, it does tend to make your muscles and mind really tense. I always find my shoulders get especially sore in the cold just from shivering and keeping so bunched up. Warmth seems to foster a more relaxed atmosphere and in a time where so many people are suffering from stress, I think we could all do with a little snuggle to soothe the nerves. So while you’re catching up on your favourite blogs this week, be sure to wriggle on some socks and grab a hot mug ‘o’ something to keep you ‘chilled’ in a good way.

What’s your go-to toasty trick? Do you like the cold or are you dreaming of summer?


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