At home with Heid: Flowers


Whenever I feel a little down or want to treat myself, I buy a bunch of flowers for the house.

There’s just something about having little leafy beauties sitting about the place that makes you feel happy inside.

Whenever I get a bunch, I split it between at least two smaller vases (instead of just putting it in one big one). I make a full bunch like the one below and a smaller collection of single blooms or sprigs in another vase. I put the bigger bunch on the dining table and the smaller one on the counter top in the bathroom. I love putting flowers in the bathroom. It makes it feel a lot fresher and friendly. I also pop a candle in there sometimes that gives off a fresh scent like lemongrass or citrus.

I love doing little things around the house to brighten things up. We live in a rental place so it’s not always possible to do things that are more permanent (like painting). I’m getting quite good at finding little things that make a big difference but can be easily moved or changed.

Would you like me to share some tips about decorating a rented place? If you have any questions about decorating your place or brightening up an area, I’d love to answer them or suggest some solutions!

In the meantime, enjoy a beautiful bunch featuring some natives and other pretty things.


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