Rainy days

I’m getting used to the rain. It has been such a steady presence these last few days. Tomorrow will be wet too, so our weekend will see almost no sunshine.


There’s a stillness to the days that seems to grow from the numbing rhythm the drops beat to. It’s a kind of white noise – like the air conditioner when it’s warming the house up or the radio when you’re on the highway and fall out of range.

red flower copy

I feel a little impatient at the weather as it says “slow down, stay put”. I’m trying to concentrate but my mind is jumping about with thoughts of tidying, reorganising and assembly.

An ikea flat pack leans casually on the shoe rack biding time till we take to it with an alan key… a filing cabinet sits wrapped up and waiting to be given a place in the spare room (as soon as we can reshuffle things)… two trestle table legs standing in line in the middle of the living room seem to beckon “put us in the spot you’ve planned for us”…

The sun has set and the white noise and waiting seem very loud – it’s all I can do not to jump up and zip around like a mad woman. I need this time though, to sit and be still.

IMG_8337 copy copy

The rain keeps drumming, the dark keeps growing, the little lights on the modem blink a little sleepily in my peripheral vision.

IMG_8326 copy

When I sleep tonight I think I’ll dream of rain. Cold, soaking rain. Then I’ll wake up and realise I’m just hearing things… rainy things to be exact.

IMG_8324 copy

For now, I’m just thinking about the day – moving furniture from one side of Sydney to the other, riding perched up in the big van we hired to move it, listening to the rain beat on while I edited photos, starting the day with banana pancakes, feeling the little stings of icy rain all day on my nose and hands.


Today has been a good day. Rainy days seem to always have a funny kind of warmth in them, even though they draw a cold curtain on the sun.Branches


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