Bloggers who inspire me: Alicia Paulson (Posie Gets Cozy)

Sometimes things just click. Honey and carrots, cold and cuddles, salt and caramel, Milo and Otis… Lately, I’m learning more about what or who I ‘click’ with.

I’ve been an avid Youtube viewer and blog reader for many years now but I’ve always been very passive – just watching, not participating. Recently though, I’ve discovered a few people who are inspiring me to take part.

One particular person who has stood out is Alicia Paulson. Alicia’s blog is called Posie Gets Cozy and I believe she also has an online shop and such where she sells her beautiful sewing and knitting patterns and other gorgeous things.

I think I found Alicia by searching the blog-osphere for “sewing and knitting blogs”. I don’t sew a lot myself (although I did a lot for my wedding!! Let me know if you want me to share some of my DIY efforts and pics on here) but Posie Gets Cozy has still been a really important spark for my ‘creative courage’ lately.

Before I talk more about Alicia’s blog, let me first explain a few things about me.
I am naturally quite introverted and melancholic.
I am a self-sabotaging, perfectionistic procrastinator (try say that 3 times fast!).
I am creative and expressive.
I am a passionate communicator who is frustrated by my knack of subjugation and the ‘stealth mode’ I find myself operating in most days.

So, back to Posie Gets Cozy…

I remember vividly the day I read this post. It was around the time of the Boston bombing tragedy and I recall opening this post as it mentioned the event.

The things Alicia said were beautiful and sad. Her writing style was so peaceful and captivating. I remember seeing the image she was painting with her words and I could almost smell the lavender she picked on her walk that day.

From then on, I’ve read every post and revelled in the quiet warmth her writing creates. Her photography gives a depth to the descriptions she skilfully builds. The honest, sensory style of this blog really resonated with me.

Seeing someone just write what they want and take pictures of what they want… it made me see that I don’t need to be polished or perfect in everything I do. It actually showed me that being true to myself and creating a blog about whatever I wanted to write about could be so very freeing. Alicia’s writing style has even given me the nudge I needed to start my more reflective blog hello sun, hello moon. When life was hard and depressing I would spend hours writing poetry on an old blog of mine called RaRa but I found that when I felt better, I neglected that creative outlet.

‘Heidibideyblog’ and ‘hello sun, hello moon’ are about creating a place for me to express myself and learn from people who inspire and challenge me. Alicia Paulson is just one, but I am so thankful that I found her – a kindred spirit who I feel I can ‘click’ with. Someone who will continue to inspire me to create and express.

Yay for inspiring people! Who or what inspires you to blog? I’d love to hear about why you do what you do.


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