Wanting to hibernate

I’m not sure what it is this month, but I’ve been feeling so dull. If I were once shining like a warm little firefly, I am currently emitting light similar to the soul-crushing fake fluorescents in my office building… it’s like I’m in ‘survival mode’ instead of ‘happy, contented Heidi mode’.

I rant and rave most days about all the things that are making me feel lustre-less and it always comes back to winter. I of course have no proof that winter is personally (and intentionally) robbing my days of brightness but it sure feels like it!

Maybe I’m just allergic to the cold, busy months of the mid-year. Maybe I am sad for other reasons. Maybe I just want to hibernate and be done with it. Goodbye winter, hello springtime.

A beautiful winter's day...
Winter, you really are quite beautiful so don’t take it personally…

I have so many ideas, plans and to-do’s but no ‘mojo’ or willingness to put in the hard yards to see progress. I know I can do more but I would honestly just rather sit slumped in a cosy chair watching Youtube or reading blogs.

So for the blog lately, I’ve been thinking I should spend some more time telling you about the things that are keeping me a li’l bit happy. Namely, the people I follow/read who inspire and encourage me through times of dullness.

Even though I want to hibernate – A LOT – I want to keep blogging even more. I am determined to keep this little piece of sunshine alive and well through this season – no matter how yucky I am feeling.

I’d love for suggestions on what you’d like me to post on or what topics are good ones to try out. I was thinking of doing a July favourites at the end of the month and maybe some more posts about decorating our place or any art projects I stumble across. Would you like that?

Also, what keeps you going when you just feel like hibernating? What gives you back your glow?


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