DIY project: cute & simple terrarium

My friend Sian from over at Flowers for Laura Belle came to my place on the weekend and we made these sweet little terrariums. It worked out well because we each gathered up our little bits and bobs to make the finished product… with our powers combined we made super CUTENESS.

For inspiration, we read a post from The Pleated Poppy and then got to work. We think they turned out really nice. What do you think?

Read on to see how we made them.

So, here’s what we used to make our terrariums:

River stones and smaller pebbles – we got ours at the local cheap shop

A mixed bunch of succulents – some from the nursery and some from local markets

Moss – Sian bought her own from her floristry supply and I picked up a mossy pot for free at the nursery!

Decorations – I opted for just a simple painted ceramic toadstool

Glass bowls – we chose open bowls so we didn’t have to bother with adding charcoal – that’s what you add to the soil if you have a closed terrarium

Succulent Potting Mix – this was recommended to us but I guess you could use any soil really


side shotglass bowls

So, let’s get into the making part!

Stones go in first…

We put the large stones in the large glass bowl and the smaller ones in the smaller one (makes sense right?!)
bowl with rocks

Add a layer of potting mix…

We kept ours pretty shallow because later we needed to add quite a bit more to secure the plants. I’d suggest keeping that in mind – especially if you’re using a shallow vessel.

soil in

Work out where everything goes…

We turned out plants out of their pots and brushed off the excess soil so we could sit them around the dish. Then, we just shuffled them around till we were happy with the placement. This was really fun – kind of like miniature landscaping!

plants in
Add decorations…

The next step was to place our toadstool in its special little spot. We did this before the moss and pebbles so we could just fill in the gaps at the end.

You could go crazy here – it’s really up to you and your imagination.
toadstool in

Add pebbles and moss…

We used pebbles and moss alternately to fill in any gaps. You don’t have to do this step but it looks really cute and helps the whole terrarium look like a little wonderland of bright and cosy plant friends!moss in

Enjoy your new little world…

We couldn’t believe how easy this project was and how happy it made us feel. I was expecting this to be a lot more dodgy-looking at the end but was pleasantly surprised.

So there you have it – terrariums are great little DIY projects and something you can do in a spare half hour on the weekend while the sun’s out and friends are over.

Here’s a bunch of pics to show you my finished terrariums. I’m so proud!

close crop inside bowl close side bowl finished side by side


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