What I’m loving: July favourites

July has come to a close and I wanted to do a little recap of all my favourite things this July.
So, here’s what I’ve been loving this month.


The Devil Wears Nada (by Miss Ashleigh) & Don’t Mess With OPI (by OPI).

Cream polishes are always what I gravitate towards. These two colours are so beautiful – the perfect nude and a creamy, calm take on green.

Maybelline Lumitouch Concealer in Ivory & Revlon Balm Staines.

I have just run out of my Lumitouch Concealer but I will be buying another! This concealer is light, brightening and has great staying power. I use it to even out my skin tone before applying my BB Cream. I get really red skin, so it helps with that. And these Balm Staines from Revlon are insane. I love that they apply like a lip balm but stay like a stain. They wear away quite naturally and keep your lips moisturised. Magical!


Berocca Performance effervescent tablets in Original flavour & Centrum for Women multivitamin.

I’ve been taking multivitamins each day for the past month or so and I’ve noticed a big improvement in my mood, skin and general feeling of wellbeing. I’ve also had less headaches – this is good for me as I suffer from migraines quite regularly.


Imperial Mandarins & Flake Snow chocolate bar.

I’ve fallen back in love with mandarins! There seems to be nothing else I crave of an afternoon in the office. Imperial are my favourite. Now, I love good old Flakes but how about this… take a flake, make it white chocolate and then cover it in milk chocolate… mmm yum! I’m a big chocolate girl and this has been a yummy snack of an afternoon some days.


The Newsroom television series

Two shows have been keeping me enthralled this month – The Newsroom and River Cottage Australia. After I go over the fact that the guy from Dumb and Dumber (Jeff Daniels) was the main – and very serious – character of The Newsroom, I really got into it. It isn’t designed to be very realistic and more looks at if we could ever do the news right, it might look something like the crew on this show. Even though it does make liberal use of hindsight, being set in real life a few years ago, I’ve enjoyed watching a show that doesn’t have huge amounts of horror, extreme drama or lewd content. It’s been nice.
Speaking of nice… I have always been a sucker for River Cottage. It’s a show about sustainable living, community and living on the land. When they announced that the British show was going to plant an offshoot in Australia, I nearly peed my pants! My husband and I have been watching the brand new show and we absolutely love it. It’s wholesome, dock style TV and it’s good for the soul I’d say.

Housey things:

My homemade terrarium

I can’t list my monthly favourites without including my beloved little terrarium (which is still alive! yay!). You can read a post on how I made it just over here.


Colourful pants these are from Sussan.

Throughout this winter, I’ve been trying to do all I can to lift my mood and make the most of a time I usually really don’t like. My husband is convinced I’m a lizard (which is why I can’t regulate my body temp or keep warm in the winter). Anyway, I can’t make the days warmer but I can add sunshine to what I’m wearing. Coloured pants have now become a thing in my wardrobe. Wearing crazy bright pants makes me smile and I always get loads of compliments. So, here’s to you coloured pants.

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