Country living

I grew up in small towns in the Mid-North Coast, Manning and New England regions of New South Wales.

Even though my growing up was done mostly in town, I always loved the rural and coastal aspects of the areas I lived in.

This year is the 14th that I’ve spent living in the city of Sydney and I still cannot shake the feeling that I’m really a small-town girl at heart with a dream of country living lit up within me like an old flame.

Today, we visited a semi-rural area called Kurrajong. We have some family moving out there and we spent the afternoon looking around the beautiful property they’ve just purchased. Driving out there, I felt so mournful for the loss of my small-town youth and saw every little cottage and sprawling property as the “kind of place I’d like to bring a family up in”. It’s a funny thing, my love of the big open yonder outside of the city. I never lived on a farm or property but I feel most exuberant and hopeful when I’m driving out of the busy city into peaceful places like Kurrajong where life seems to move a little slower and feel a lot more natural.

I found a quote online about the area and it says…

To those who would soothe their shattered nerves, revive their jaded spirits, regain their vibrant health and vigorous appetite, to all who would seek the tonic of pure air and the exhilaration of beautiful scenery, the call of Kurrajong is simply irresistible.

I really hope that one day me and mine can find ourselves a little spot somewhere a bit less busy than the big city.

s144869-29519-002-open2viewid234345-123oldbellslineofrd_kurrajong.jpg.ashx kurrajong-village-9361986 kurrajong_street_slnsw_1918_s Kurrajong_station_sign


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