Tales of a minibreak – Part 4

We’re waking up with plans this morning. Surry Hills is where we’re spending the day and our three spots to find are Elly’s, Bourke St Bakery and Chur Burger. Elly Hanson is our gorgeous hairdresser. When I first met her, I realised pretty quick that she was a country girl and I promptly decided to [...]

Tales of a minibreak – Part 3

Today was a real highlight of our break so far. After grabbing a brekky wrap at the little coffee place down in Sussex Lane, we found our way to The Rocks. A walking tour was what we wanted to do and I’d hopped online over breakfast and booked two spots. We stopped off at the [...]

Tales of a minibreak – Part 2

It’s Tuesday afternoon and we – Mr and I - find ourselves tucked up in our quaint little apartment on York St. The rain has swept out of the sky and now it’s a perfect blue, dotted with puffy white clouds… quite a change from yesterday’s steely grey scene washed with thin sheets of rain, [...]