Tales of a minibreak – Part 1

The Mr and I are on a mini-break. It feels kind of sneaky because we’re on a holiday but we haven’t left the city. It’s kind of a staycation

We arrived here yesterday as weary workers in much need of a break from things. After we’d opened every cupboard and door, checked out the nooks and crannies of the place and got a bit of a happy mess going with our bags open and spilling out, we left the apartment to trundle about the city in search of Christmas decorations and other interesting things.

We lazily trekked through this side of the city, curling our way through bookstores, rain-soaked streets, a Dr Seuss exhibition and the good old ABC shop. I showed Mr the Strand Arcade and it was adorned with Christmas lights! They looked so beautiful and it was so nice to not only walk through pretty places like that but to take the time and look around, down and – most importantly – up… When you walk through the city, you do a lot of looking down and around but up? Up is where it’s at! The moody sky was framing building tops old and new. I saw strange sculptures, amazing modern architecture details and spots where old sandstone met steel and glass. It’s a whole other world up there.

After a relaxed dinner at Miss Chu’s we came back ‘home’ and, while it was still drizzling, headed down to float about in the spa for a little while. I loved the feeling of the cool air whisking up the steam around us. After we jumped out, we took a few minutes to try the sauna. No matter how old you get, it’s always fun to splash the cold water over sizzling hot rocks and watch the steam hiss up into the room. As we escaped back out into the cool, I breathed in deeply. Our mini-break had started and I was beginning to relax a little.


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