Tales of a minibreak – Part 2

It’s Tuesday afternoon and we – Mr and I – find ourselves tucked up in our quaint little apartment on York St. The rain has swept out of the sky and now it’s a perfect blue, dotted with puffy white clouds… quite a change from yesterday’s steely grey scene washed with thin sheets of rain, rain and more rain.

As we woke this morning, the clouds were still strung up in some sort of gloomy protest – like dirty washing on the line that needs to be taken down and given a good clean. After getting ready, we grabbed our things and headed out in search of a good coffee. We originally set out looking for a place listed on one of our good coffee apps but, after finding naught, we went for a bit of an explore. After wandering up and down a little, we broke out of an underground walk to find a gorgeous old brick building housing some little cafes. This was definitely a find!

cushions coffeecup Fat Coffee decor wall

After coffee, we jumped on the train and headed to the Powerhouse Museum.

wall holes copy Powerhouse game

We spent the majority of the day there, taking our time to read every little label and try our hand at all the interactive installations. For me the highlights were the light play room (which reminded me so much of dear old Questacon) and The Beatles exhibition celebrating 50 years since they came to Oz.

sign jukebox phone

We enjoyed a bite to eat at the café inside the museum and it was surprisingly good. Mr ordered the corned beef sandwich with slaw and I chose the burger and chips. Both the meals were well seasoned and executed. The chips were perfectly crispy and my burger had a pickle – yay! I love pickles!

burger Powerhouse sandwich

It’s now no longer the afternoon. We were zonked after our day out so we decided to come back to apartment for a swim and a rest before dinner – which we had at my very favourite sushi place Makoto on Liverpool St.

Before bed, we watched the first 2/3 of JFK. It’s a movie I’ve been meaning to watch but just never had the chance. Mr kept on saying I’d love it so I was really looking forward to it. Apart from some weird moments which seem awkward as they’re a little far-fetched, I’m really enjoying the movie. I had no idea what even happened surrounding the JFK assassination (yes, I know that’s shameful… I’m really bad with history and geography… Mr is trying to change that!) so it was good to feel like I didn’t really know the ending or what was about to happen. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see how it finishes and decide what I think about the movie as a whole. All I know now is that it’s very looooooong. Too long to watch in one sitting if you’ve had too much fun walking around Sydney all day and spending a million hours on your feet inside a museum.


One thought on “Tales of a minibreak – Part 2

  1. So sweet! You whisked me away for those few moments reading… So jelly of your staycation! You and Mr have well and truly earned it!

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