Tales of a minibreak – Part 4

We’re waking up with plans this morning. Surry Hills is where we’re spending the day and our three spots to find are Elly’s, Bourke St Bakery and Chur Burger.

Elly Hanson is our gorgeous hairdresser. When I first met her, I realised pretty quick that she was a country girl and I promptly decided to like her a lot. Elly did the hair for my wedding and today she’ll put some colour through my hair and then give Mr the chop.

We’re ready now and on our way. We’ve taken a different route through Surry Hills today and I don’t recognize the streets. It’s such a different Surry Hills to what I know. It hits me today that this suburb is one of contradictions. Some spots are filled with government housing and others are filled with polished little cafes and hipster fare galore.

Bourke Street Bakery is our first stop and we can see it up ahead. It’s so cute sitting out on this corner on its own. You certainly can’t miss it with bunches of people shuffling in and out and round the entrance. We squeeze in and order some coffees and a danish. Our little wooden table sits in the blazing morning sun and we’re basking – as much as two people with terribly pink complexions can… We’re surrounded by an eclectic mix of locals and I don’t feel out of place.

Surry Hills feels very homely. It’s kind of like when you go to someone’s house and you walk in thinking “it really feels lived in here… in a nice way”. Surry Hills is not a cold, developed or perfect suburb. It’s got that lived-in feeling and I like it. I also like my flat white that’s just landed on the table. The Danish is perfectly delicious and Mr is in his element. I’m sure he’s looking at the mouth-watering bread in the window thinking about the baking course he wants to do.

Once we’re finished we decide to go find some shade. Here we are – a park bench safely tucked away under some big trees. We sit for ages just watching the world go by. We’re a little early for our appointments so this is perfect.

Now we’re off to Elly’s. I’m so excited to see her again and have a good yarn. Elly’s recently started working for herself and I feel so proud of her. I chat to her about how I love being loyal to great people and she is one of them. Going to the hairdresser is such a treat and it’s nice just to sit here and read while Mr is off exploring and my hair is getting prettier by the minute.

Mr’s back and we switch over. Elly is really good at men’s haircuts and Mr is soon looking dapper and more like the gentleman he is. Thanks Elly!

My new hair - don't mind the frizz from yesterday's crazy humidity...
My new hair – don’t mind the frizz from yesterday’s crazy humidity…

It’s afternoon now and we’re thinking about lunch. I’ve told Mr about Chur Burger and he seems keen so we head off to find it. Mr orders the chicken and I order the pulled pork. I can only get half way through mine but it’s really nice. Mr’s chicken is spicy and he approves. We’re sharing some sweet potato chips before we go and they’re great – they remind me of baked dinners!

Sweet potato fries YUM!
Sweet potato fries YUM!

We’re worn out now so we head back to the apartment. I’m thinking about doing a spot of shopping tonight and Mr thinks that’s a good idea.

Shopping it is and I find the most gorgeous little bedtime playsuit that is one of the softest things I’ve ever felt! I fall in love and Mr says “get it!”… So I do, even though it is very difficult to buy something pretty like that 😉

The playsuit I got. It's by Chloe & Lola :)
The playsuit I got. It’s by Chloe & Lola 🙂

All in all, it’s been a really great day and one of my favourite type of days too. We’re watching an episode of the X-Files now and soon we’ll go to bed. I’m so glad we did this. Just one more day to go and our little break will be over. I’m sad it’s nearly done but I’m glad we’ve made the absolute most of it. Huzzah for taking time out and exploring the city we live in but rarely ‘visit’.


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