A letter to my blog

Dear heidibideyblog,

I confess that you have been oh so neglected of late. Rest assured little blog, it’s not you, it’s me.

You see, late last year I was given a promotion (yay!) and I got really busy in a way I’ve never been. Before that all happened, I knew I was already a busy little bug at work – lots of late nights and stressful days. But you were always there for me to come back to in my quiet moments. I had big plans for us. I would open you up and dream of all the things we were going to talk about. I love style and I knew you loved it too. I’m curious about lots of the little things and you were too. I like to play around with makeup and craft and you did too. It was so lovely to turn away from my grey old day and look at all the sunshiney, warm things we shared.

But everything changes and so did we. I panicked. I shut you off and shut you out. I forgot about how happy you made me feel. It was a short affair but we had big plans. I liked that. I liked you from the moment I met you. But I forgot to take the time to talk to you and type on your blank spots and post pretty pictures on your posts.

It’s funny. I got busy and sad and angry but the first thing I did wasn’t to pour myself into you… it was to leave you behind. So I’ve had nowhere to tappity-tap on the keys, leave a few words, drafts some thoughts. It’s made me sadder, angrier and I end up being busier in the end because I’ve filled your little nook with lots of other big, bad, yucky things.

Really what I’m getting at is that you and I were good together. I’d like it if we could get to know eachother again. Maybe even do some of those things we’ve dreamt of. For reals. What do you say?

I’m in if you are.

Heidi x


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