Glimpses of my day | one

I thought it would be nice to share some bits and bobs from my day every now and again.


It’s coming to the end of Autumn and we’ve been spoilt by the most beautiful zingy days lately. Nights have been cool, nudging us indoors and under the blankets to keep cosy. The mornings bite and cut through my scarf as if it weren’t there. Then, when the sun’s thawed the morning away, the day blooms big and bright and warm.
This Friday my friend B and I decided to escape the office for a spot of sun and some comfy cafe vibes. We found ourselves at an old favourite, Two Eggs in Surrey Hills, and enjoyed a gorgeous lunch at a tiny window-side table.
The sun was streaming down outside and the park across the street was busy with people walking, picnicking and two guys learning sword skills! I was fascinated with the way they went through each movement with their makeshift swords.
A Beatles album played while we ate and chatted, wrapping us up in warm nostalgia.
I love this time of year. The trees turning russet and gold and ochre as the year sees its first glimpse of winter to come.


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