One hot minute in Melbs

Last week I found myself in Melbourne for work. I was only there for two nights but I thought I’d share some piccies from my time in the lovely southern city.

When I started writing this blog I was sitting right about here:

Flying seems to never lose its novelty for me. As we were making our way down the east coast, I was in awe of the clouds. They seemed like soup or a white lakes that lapped at the foot of each mountain. I guess it was fog but it looked amazing from up above.

 Once I was in Melbourne I made sure to find some good coffee and good noms. Here are some places I visited that I really liked.


Oli and Levi, 446 Collins St

I found this little place on my first day and was impressed with their coffee. I also enjoyed a deliciously simple croissant. The little shop front is unassuming but the service was really friendly and it was busy and happy all day with regulars being greeted by name. I love little places like this!


That last pic also features a decadent peanut butter brownie sandwhich from Kinfolk (more about Kinfolk later!).

Patricia Coffee Brewers, Cnr Little Bourke and Little William St

I did a bit of research and found a lot of coffee lovers were raving about Patricia’s delicious brew. It took some work finding this literal ‘hole in the wall’ but all the awkward wandering around looking lost was totally worth it for this cup of joe. With hardly any signage, Patricia manages to stay quite stubbornly secretive and I felt a little thrill walking over the threshold and seeing the tiny but perfect lettering on the door that read simply “Patricia” in classy cursive.

This little place is super busy with a line out the door. But I hardly had enough time to take a few snaps when they were already calling my name. They know how to do caffeine peak hour well!



Cumulus, 45 Flinders Lane

To be honest, I was a little intimidated by Cumulus. Its collared crowd and mature menu made me feel a bit out of place but I quickly realised just how easy it was to feel special here – even if it was just for a quick brekky.

I sat up at the bar and was shown the clever hook under the counter where I could stowe my bag. The decor was restrained but refined and the menu was… well, it was hard to choose what to get. I settled for the housemade crumpets and rooftop honey. I may have snuck in a well-needed flat white and piccolo also. The crumpets were to die for and the coffee was impressive as well. I really had fun with the honey, vanilla-specked whipped ricotta and fresh lemon wedge. Each bite was a flavour hit designed by me.

Between the gorgeous brekky and my brand spankin’ copy of Gentlewoman, I was in a happy little pre-work bubble.


Kinfolk, 673 Bourke St

Don’t be confused by the magazine of the same name – this gorgeous cafe has no connection to the periodical. According to their website, Kinfolk says “We are a café, a social enterprise and community! Serving up coffee and a seasonal menu crafted from local and sustainable produce, Kinfolk is a business driven by a dedicated team of volunteers.” Sounds cool right? It is! I entered to a cacophony of happy chatting, laughing and general community-ish sounds. The staff were busy bees with big smiles and I got sat in the big sunny window at a warm wood bench.

I didn’t even look at the menu – instead opting for one of their daily specials and a juice recommended by the lovely Kinfolk staff member (or was a she a volunteer? not sure how it works). My pumpkin risotto was comforting and had a smattering of blue cheese crumble on top which was mm mmm. My juice was all kinds of red and burgundy and it practically radiated good vibes.

Before I left, I decided to get a peanut butter brownie sandwich – this was not a mistake. After so much sun and yum, I was walking on air as I left this cosy cafe.


Hope you’ve enjoyed my little update. I also took a few snaps while I wandered around. So have a little look and I’ll see you in the next post 🙂

Oh and then I got home and the Sydney lights were glittery. Awwww.


And then I took two weeks to finish this blog. I happened to finish it right about here:



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