Bloombox Lovin’: a review of my flower subscription service

Subscription services are pretty popular these days. I subscribe to podcasts, music streaming and magazines.

But did you know you can subscribe to flowers? This is apparently a thing. Fresh flowers delivered to your door regularly. I mean, what the actual heck?

I’m a big flower fan. I’m also a passionate ameteur grower (and sometimes killer *sigh*) of plants. I’m so captivated by their colours, shapes and scents. A fond memory of mine is being a kid discovering the upliftingly magical aroma of lemon-scented tea tree leaves crushed in my little palms.

Plants evoke memory in me but they can also change my experience of the present. I really think plants have a good ‘energy’. They can clean the air, make you smile (even when you don’t want to) and change the feeling in a room.

And flowers in particular are truly mesmerising if you take a closer look. Just one tulip will look different every time you see it. A thirsty tulip may be a bit wilted but stand up straight overnight in some fresh water. As it opens, you see the colour and shape change as the flower reveals itself to you one little bit at a time. A dark, firm bud becomes a carefree yawning blossom with a pale inside and perfectly formed stamen peeking out.

Can you tell I love flowers? I mean seriously. I. Love. Flowers. So it’s only natural that I love my flower subscription service, Bloombox. Hence this terribly rambly review. Wait, I haven’t reviewed Bloombox yet have I? Oh. I got stuck thinking about the gorgeous flowers lounging around my house because my delivery came this week. Oops.

Back to Bloombox. Firstly, the name always makes me think of a badass fairy carrying around a flower-covered boombox pumping Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets’. Secondly, the name is exactly what you get – a box of gorgeous blooms.

Bloombox offers weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries. They’ve also recently started selling big beautiful market selections on demand so you don’t have to commit to a regular delivery.

Their boxes keep pretty cool and special flowers like tulips come sporting some nice damp oasis or a little cap of water on the bottom of the stem. My flowers sit on my doorstop for hours before I get home from my fulltime job and they’re always perfectly fine.

Now flower delivery isn’t new but the way this service works is unique. You don’t get a pre-arranged bunch of flowers that are all wrapped up and ready to plonk in a vase. Bloombox is all about creativity and value for money. All blooms come in their long original length and are separated by type. So then it’s up to you how you arrange them and in what vessel. This is the main reason I love this service – oh and the fact I always get a lovely hand written note from Mel and Phil telling me what’s inside!

I look forward to the night when I get to set up my temporary florist bench to snip and primp my flowers till I have an enviable collection of flower arrangements. This is the value for money part. I often can make up 5 or 6 vases of flowers and be able to have them all around the house. Sometimes, I just want to create one big ol glorious arrangement but it’s really up to me. The flowers are also really fresh and last a long time. I only get my box once a month and it’s not unusual for some of my lovely greenery or some tough blooms to still be going when I get my next box.

You can take a squiz at Bloombox for yourself. They’re over at I will say that the price can seem a little steep but, trust me, it’s totally worth it. Having bought one-off bunches of flowers for years, I now just save my pocket money for this one monthly splurge and I’ve never regretted it! You’ll see below how much you really get for your dollars. It’s crazy.

So to wrap this up, I love being surprised each month with a new box of goodies! Some flowers are ones I’ve never seen and I love looking them up and learning more about them. I also love that some flowers that I would normally not even glance at have become my favourites. I’m able to get my hands dirty doing tactile flower ‘therapy’ after a day’s work and the results are, well, see for yourself 🙂

Heidi x




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