To the edge | part of the ‘toast mastered’ series

A wise man once said “One must always butter thy toast to the edges.”

Well that’s not entirely true but if you replace the words “wise man” with “my mum” then we’re spot back on the truth.

There is ‘making toast’ and then there is ‘making toast’. My mum preached a daily message regarding the latter. Growing up I thought every mum must evangelise heartily about the right way to do things like ironing, folding, walking and making toast but I have since found that is not the case and that I am a born-again convert of a very small, specific way of life when it comes to the little things. Case in point – toast. 

As such, I have decided to begin a series about toast. Yes. A series. The first instalment is simply the following:

Buttering your toast to the edges will change your life for the better. 

Not only will the taste of your toppings be amplified but you will be able to happily savour every last little bit of your slice without copping a sad dry crust or a bald patch on your bread. 

Think of butter being solid rock and lack-of-butter being sand. Now which would you build your house on? You need a strong, superior foundation people! Butter is the cement slab of your toasty dreams. The picnic rug to your picnic. The thongs between you and the scorching pavement in summer. It simply MUST be spread to the very edges. There are no two ways about it. 

More on toast later.


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