The current view | 5 minutes aboard my weird brain train #1

Are things really as bad as I think? Maybe. I farewelled 2016 and yawned into a new year. It seems the thing to do this week is say “good riddance 2016, you can just bugger off thank you very much”. And I’m in full support of such a statement.


2016 was the year my beautiful daughter was born. It was also the year I miraculously found a short-term contract job after being suddenly unemployed at the beginning of my pregnancy. 2016 was also the year that my husband’s private practice really settled and became a much more reliable source of income for our little family. Last year was the year I made my first dress from a pattern (my bubba’s dedication gown). It was also the year my husband and I enriched and strengthened our relationship to a point I couldn’t have imagined. I feel like all this is just the tip of the iceberg. It also isn’t counting all the beautiful moments I was honoured to see in the lives of my friends and family.


I couldn’t help think that I was glad to see the back of 2016. What’s that about? Don’t get me wrong, all those great things happened but so did a bunch of bad things – really bad. I can somehow feel bummed even despite all the good that has happened.

It’s a bit like my current view… Right now we’re on our first little holiday since having the bub. She’s 6 months old.  We’re staying in a gorgeous little resort in a sleepy little coastal town. I’m sitting in a comfy chair eating a hot breakfast and drinking a nice coffee. I’ve got my husband next to me reading the paper and my bubba asleep peacefully in her pram. I can see the river right outside the window (a la the pic up top) and there was more rain overnight so everything looks so green. There’s a beautiful breeze.


The Mr has a terrible virus that makes him cough and need to sleep a lot. We’d planned to take the bub swimming but it’s raining and a bit too cold. Family we’d planned to spend time with have ended up working more than they thought or sick themselves.

Is it as bad as I think? Honestly, no. And 2016 will always have a special place in my life. It was pretty rough going but the sun seemed to shine the whole way through. Even as we felt the boat about to capsize. The current view always seems to be a fight between good and bad but isn’t that what it’s all about? To take life by the balls means to grab both right? The good and the bad! So to 2016 I say “I hate you, then I love you”. And here’s to 2017 and the love/hate relationship I will reflect on next New Year’s. May the good ball be the big one!


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