Musings on the Flatty

When I read  this article by Dom Knight I giggled along with him about the meaning of different coffee orders.

My coffee order is the super simple, super delicious Flatty. I can’t remember why I started ordering Flat Whites but now, I rarely order anything else. When I was working full time I sometimes grabbed a Piccolo in the afternoon as a pick me up without the milk but if someone asked “what’s your coffee order?” I’d reply proudly “Flat White”.

I feel like a Flat White is the perfect coffee. The perfect balance between coffee and milk. No faff or snobbery. It’s the honest to goodness order of champions! Everything else seems to pale in comparison.

I won’t speculate here on what your coffee order says about you. I just wanted to make it known how much I love my Flat White and how strangely proud I feel when ordering one. It’s the coffee order for the solid, reliable, coffee-loving gal. It’s no fuss. No one will look at you with a smirk and think “what a wanker”. No one will snigger and think “she doesn’t know sh*t about coffee”. Maybe it’s the order for the self-conscious. Whatever it is, I have a real fondness for the guy. Is he a Ristretto? A Long Black? A Latte? Or a half double decaffeinated half-caf with a twist of lemon? NO! He’s Flatty! Super duper delicious Flat White. And with a review like that, you gotta love him!

Happy sippin’ 🙂



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