Photo journaling kinda saved my life

Warning: mushy, emotion-filled stuff to follow. When my first serious relationship ended I didn't cope very well. I think most people have a story like this. I found it hard to sleep, I rarely ate, I moped and stared out into nothingness and cried that gross kind of cry where all the snot gets your [...]


The Pillow Thing

There are heaps of things I think about way too much. One of these things is my pillow. Specifically, the Pillow Thing. It's a little trick I use to make an ordinary pillow more comfy. I have lovingly created this weird drawing of what the Pillow Thing looks like in action - you're welcome. Basically, [...]

Insta gems – February shout outs

Thought I might share some of my favourite Instagram accounts of late. I've picked a variety of lovely things for you to check out and hopefully there's something new here that you can discover for yourself. alpacasofinstagram - Ok this is a weird one but trust me, you'll thank me later. This is a community [...]