Rain rain don’t go away

Some good soaking rain has come across in late summer and it’s delicious! The hot, humid weather has been relentless lately and the nights have felt far too warm. A rainy day is long overdue.

There are so many things I love about rain. I feel like I could write a thick book on the way it makes me feel. As it sweeps across the earth it brings life and cleanses everything it pours over. It smells incredible, filling my lungs with potent oxygen. And the rain comes in so many forms that each shower, stormy downpour, drizzle and gentle soak brings a unique mood to the moment.

This summer rain brought with it the magic of a new kind of moment – the experience of seeing tiny drops of cool water scatter across the milky skin of my little one. Her rain story has only just begun. I wonder what memories and feelings the rain will bring to her.


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