Here we go.

I’m a serial quitter. If I feel like I can’t do something super dooper well I quietly push it to the side and start something else. No one will notice right? Well, maybe no one does but I’ve realised something – I do! I spend so much energy feeling guilty and bummed about not finishing things.

I’ve always wanted to blog. Scratch that – I have always been blogging but I feel like I never have because I’m slowly collecting a pile of half-baked blogs and ideas! Ugh. I recently realised I have over 6 blogs on the boil (and they’re just the ones I can find). It’s time to quit quitting people… we’re getting the band back together.

I’ve smooshed a bunch of my loose end blogs into one. And I’ll be keeping my ramblings to this one messy spot henceforth so help me blogging gods.

I’ve been telling people for years that I want to be a content creator. I’m thinking I might as well give it a proper crack to prove to myself that I can actually do it. Not going to lie, it’ll also be a lifesaver for my poor loved ones who hear non-stop that “I’m going to be a blogger… no really… I’ll do it soon… I’m keen… proper keen… promise… just need to find the time/brain space/energy/motivation… well, maybe not… what’s the point?… ah crumbs I suck… I’m an idiot… still haven’t done it… mope… waaah…”

Ha. Loose ends be damned. The frankenblog lives!

p.s. Encouraging comments welcome!


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