Insta gems – February shout outs

Thought I might share some of my favourite Instagram accounts of late. I’ve picked a variety of lovely things for you to check out and hopefully there’s something new here that you can discover for yourself.

alpacasofinstagram – Ok this is a weird one but trust me, you’ll thank me later. This is a community of alpaca enthusiasts. If you happen to have your own furry friend you can submit photos via DM or the hashtag #alpacasofinstagram so we can all collectively “aaaaawwww” at more cuteness.

kristinenor – Kristine Norlander is a Norway-based photographer who takes breathtaking frames with her iPhone. I love the way Kristine can capture atmosphere. Her shots pepper my Insta feed with moments of pure peace. If you want to have a bit more of a look at her work she also has a website over at

mamawatters – If you want to look at beautiful homey photos from a big old house in the Midwest with a warm family inside it, check out Amanda Watters. Amanda has a gorgeous little brood and shares glimpses of daily family life as the seasons come and go. I also found recently that she has a beautiful season-celebrating blog at

gisellequinto – Giselle Quinto is a Brazilian artist living in Amsterdam. Her embroidery and illustration features bold and beautiful women with braids, tattoos and killer rosy cheeks. You can have a look at more of her work at

symmetrybreakfast – Michael Zee creates delicious breakfast dishes for him and his husband Mark. He’s creative with flavour and takes inspiration from around the world. And the cherry on top is the fact that all his breakfast exploits are captured in stunning symmetry. The only thing better than one incredible brekky is two of them! You can check out Michael’s cookbook as well at



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