What I wore – Relaxed sunny denim

Now I’m a mum it can be a challenge to put together an outfit that is comfy yet doesn’t scream “pyjamas”. Well, challenge accepted.

This little combo is a favourite of mine. I got this light denim dress from Big W (Emerson brand). It’s a nice length, light-weight and breastfeeding friendly. Some people might not like the ‘shapeless’ shape but I love it. I used to wear a lot of shift dresses before I had the bub and now can’t because I need to whip the girls out regularly. Even though it’s been a blessing to be able to breastfeed, I seriously miss being able to wear pieces that don’t have to open at the front. This dress is a bit of both worlds – pre-baby style and practical mumma style – so it’s pretty nifty!

And my beloved canary yellow Salt Water sandals make the outfit look finished (with a bright sunshine-coloured full stop!).

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