Reflecting on a trip to Leura

A little while ago, I was blessed to spend a few days in Leura with my sister and my best friend. The place we stayed at was amazing but we had a hiccup on the first night with a tripping power circuit. Unfortunately, it meant no heating and it happened so late at night we couldn’t get onto our hosts. It made for an interesting time.

We had all arrived so frazzled from our respective rough weeks and had to laugh when little things just kept going wrong. Gotta say, it was so soul-warming to spend that time together though. Connected hearts are happy hearts and mine is full of love for those girls!

Enjoy some little shots and a bonus poem I wrote while reflecting on our little holiday.


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There were three young ladies (one with a baby), who dragged themselves up a mountain.

They arrived at a house, it was freezing out and when they turned on the heater… it turned off again.

The baby was poorly with temperature soaring, no heat was a very big problem.

They called to the owner but no luck no answer, this seemed to be all up to them.

So they tried to fix it but just couldn’t solve it, and the outlook seemed pretty bleak.

They sat down to pray and one prayer that they prayed was “God be you right now, we’re too weak”

They didn’t pray “fix this” or “can’t you just do this”, the request was far broader than that.

They were basically saying they didn’t mind staying so cold if it came down to that.

The main thing they wanted was just to feel comfort, the kind that was warm from within

So God was obliging and sat down beside them and brought peace as he was simply him.

Now with warmth in their bones they set out with gusto to locate the circuit at fault.

And the sheepish one lead them, the tired one leapt up and the sick baby’s mum yelled “it’s solved!”

Because on that cold night they had each grew in height of the spirit not body or might;

When they prayed for God’s presence he brought reassurance that they weren’t alone on that night.

So there ends the tale of three gals and a babe who, for a few days did stand on the mountain.

They breathed the chill air, life stories they shared and, a bit changed, they came home. The end.


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