Little houses in front of big houses

I find letterboxes fascinating. Each one is so different to the next.

Plastic numbers, ‘NO JUNK MAIL’ signs, reflectors, chipped paint, rust and other unique features adorn them. They come in all shapes and sizes. To stay standing they rest on a leg or two, are moored in a fence or take the shape of a little standalone wall. With a circle or rectangle for a mouth, each seems to have a face.

And imagine the things they have held. Letters of acceptance, rejection, demand and connection. Postcards from far away places. Catalogues and business cards and those miniature calendar magnets. Not to mention the many creep crawlies that call them home.

So much personality for such mundane objects. So many stories unfolding within their teency insides.

These little houses in front of big houses make me smile and wonder about their respective owners, posties and miniature residents.

I recently took photos of every letterbox on one particular street. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I thought it was an interesting project that would celebrate my love for these often-overlooked objects. And for the record, number 25 has got to be my favourite – closely followed by number 53. Which one is your favourite?




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