Sunshine ahead

This winter has been so full of sunshine! As the season comes to an end I am still yearning for yet more sun. I’ve become a lizard over the past months as I search for the sunny spots to rest in, the bright side of the street to walk on or the sliver of sun to stand in while I wait for my lunch to heat up in the kitchen at work.

And there’s that word – work. Gosh I’m praying that the spring will bring with it a newness for my professional life. Or the clarity I need to see what it is I want to do in its place.

This week I was reflecting on my time working for my current employer and it’s been such a blessing; such a lifesaver and a ‘life giver’ for me. Now my contract is finishing up, I feel cut adrift. That kind of freedom can be overwhelming but this time around, I’ve been seeing the sunny side of being loosey-goosey. “What will happen next?” has become a far brighter sounding question. Maybe even a bit exciting. Who knows what light is shining around the corner?

Even though work is wrapping up, I’ve dusted off my favourite linen blouses and bought a new one just this week to add to my collection. I’m a lover of linen. It brings beautiful depth and texture to any outfit. And with denim it feels simple and tactile in a very ‘me’ kind of way. Thought I’d pop in a pic (or 5) of my Sunny Sunday outfit. Dressed up with nowhere to go but gosh darn it I don’t mind one bit. Here’s to open horizons!

Details: Blouse – Sussan, Skirt – Seed, Sandals – Saltwater Sandals


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