A few mindful moments

The breeze is heavenly today and the scorching sun is high above the umbrella I’m perched beneath. Just enough warmth is filtering through the canvas to gently wash over me. As the air moves, it softly shakes the shadow-casting plants and trees all around making pretty moving patterns across my arm and the little laminated table it rests on.

I sip a coffee with tiny bubbles arranged on top and as each mouthful moves from the cup to my mouth I can feel the heat in the very top of the back of my throat. Coffee has a bitter sweet taste to it that often makes me wonder (like right now) why I enjoy it so much. Do I like coffee because of the taste, the texture or the ritual? I think it’s the latter. I know it is. Sipping a hot drink – be it a deep coloured flat white or a milky, fragrant tea – is truly wonderful in the simplest sense. Because it makes me pause and savour a moment I would otherwise fly past without half a thought.

My glasses are to my left, upside down and casting an amber shadow towards me. I shouldn’t own these glasses. They’re similar to a pair of RayBans I got for my birthday last year. Gosh I loved those glasses! I’d owned a pair a long time ago and, after losing them and having a stretch of time wearing pairs I didn’t like, I finally got a new pair of my dreamy spectacles. This all sounds great right? Nope. A few WEEKS in, I lost my new pair of EXPENSIVE and AMAZING RayBan Wayfarers and there I was… bereft and guilt-ridden. My husband was adamant it wasn’t my fault and that I should go and repurchase them but I just couldn’t do it. I felt like a naughty kid who deserved to be punished – “no Wayfarers for you!” So I wallowed for a while in my imagined naughty corner and then finally cracked and bought a cheaper version of my holy grail glasses. They’re the ones beside me now. I feel a bit bad for them now I’ve written all this. They’re not my first choice so maybe they feel a bit unappreciated. But I’ve got to say I do like them a lot and I haven’t felt the need to go and splurge on another pair of super expensive frames. I’ll even leave a link here to my current specs. They’re a bit of alright.

Ooh! A mickey lizard just flicked out of a crack in the garden bed sleeper beside me! Having become a lizard this winter I feel an affinity with the little guy. He must be the happiest lizard ever with such an abundance of sun this winter. And now he’ll be heading into almost 6 months more of golden body-warming rays. Lizards would think sunglasses are the worst idea of all time. Actually, I wonder if they can get sunburnt? Are UV rays their drug of choice? Is the sun harmless to the cold-blooded? Maybe I don’t have as much in common as a lizard as I think.

To wrap up this mindful moment, I look over to my sleeping daughter and think about what she will look like when she grows up. Will her hair stay a dark shade of blonde? Will she have freckles like her daddy and I? Will she like Milo or Ovaltine? Will her favourite colour be green or rainbow? Will she be brash and brave or search for our hands to anchor her as she navigates the world? So many unknowns but I find it matters none. I do know her in this moment. I know the feel of her, the scent of her and the sound of her little voice and her breath. She is so incredible. She reminds me that I am incredible as well – because I’m a combination of unique things too. A one-off with no one else like me. I have a unique presence to offer the world just like her. That feels good to type here. I’m now thinking about you who is reading this. That you too are unique and a one-of-a-kind combo of interesting and wonderful and breathtaking. Just thought I’d let you know.

Thanks for walking through these mindful moments with me. May you have mindful moments today that let your mind spend time meditating on the little things and the big things too.


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