What I’m currently listening to: Podcasts

There are some exceptional podcasts out there and I have a few gems to share.

Here are five podcasts I’m currently enjoying. Hope you find something new in the list so you can expand your ears’ horizons. They’re always stuck in one spot so be sure to bring the good stuff to them!!

1. Invisibilia

In one word: interesting. This is a podcast about the invisible things that influence our lives and make us who we are. I love this show because it’s a great mix of deep dive and light anecdote. If you’re looking for an easy-to-listen-to podcast that teaches you new things, expands your mind and challenges your idea of the world this is the one. I love that co-hosts Alix and Hanna are curious by nature and make me laugh. I really enjoy the stories guests share about their lives as well. And this is a show that sparks so many interesting conversations after you listen! That’s one of my favourite things about it – that listening to it is just the beginning. It really makes you think and discuss later on and look into things a bit more in your own time too. I also love it because EVERY episode is interesting, quirky, insightful and just all-round good to listen to!

2. Slow Home

In one word: lifegiving. This is a new one for me but I’m already hooked. I am very drawn to the world of slow living. The idea of living a simpler, more deliberate and slow life is a beautiful one, if you ask me. Life can become such a blur and I find myself yearning for that pause, the exhale. And that is what this podcast is for me at the moment. I often listen to this while doing housework or travelling for long stretches. It absolutely transports me into this quiet, learning space where I can explore things that I don’t understand or know much about. From what I can tell, Brooke McAlery is the creator of a bunch of things under this Slow Your Home banner. She writes a fab blog, has now got a couple of books and conducts most of the guest interviews on the podcast. So, even though Brooke but Ben now co-hosts the podcast and the balance is really nice. Husband and wife team Brooke and Ben McAlery

3. A piece of Work

In one word: enriching. Ever walk through a modern gallery and think “what the heck is going on here?” Yeah, me too. This podcast will help us all. Abbi Jacobson walks through New York’s MoMA with some of her very cool friends and discusses the many weird and wonderful works along the way. Not only is this podcast full of personality, but it genuinely untangles some really confusing concepts in modern art. It’s been aaaages since I’ve learnt about art and I love the feeling of new things being deposited in the ole brain bank. I’d highly recommend joining Abbi, her friends and I as we collectively wander through MoMA and learn more about the mysterious world of creative expression.

4. Sincerely, X

In one word: intriguing. Stories exist that are hard – even impossible – to tell. Some would be embarrassing, some could incriminate, some would drastically alter lives for the worse. Sincerely, X is a platform for those stories to be told. Speakers are anonymous and often have had their voices disguised. Topics vary widely from rural women’s issues to life in jail. I am always surprised by the topics and some speakers have written/delivered their stories so wonderfully. This is such a good podcast! Oh, by the way it’s hosted by TED and is basically underground TED talks. Cool idea right?

5. Ladies, we need to talk

In one word: honest. Last, but certainly not least, is this gem of a podcast. The brilliant and beautifully human Yumi Stynes dishes up an episode each week from a taboo menu of topics. I love love love this podcast because it talks about really important things that we typically avoid talking about. And stigma kills off healthy conversation, learning and personal development. Even our mental health is drastically affected by either keeping things quiet or never knowing we are normal despite feeling the opposite. This podcast is definitely targeted at women but I’ve already found myself insisting that my husband listens – especially the awesome discussion about the ‘mental load’.



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