The wonder of the nest

Recently I began my third trimester as a expectant second-time mumma and I’m a few weeks into being back home after a trip interstate. This is the first month of this pregnancy where I’ve really felt the urge to ‘nest’.

A well-known phenomenon occurs for most expectant mums – we get to a certain point in pregnancy where nature nudges us back into the nest to prepare the space for a new addition and a new phase of living for the family.

The day I went into labour with my first bub, I drove to Ikea to buy a new sitting chair and then proceeded to build it while my first real contractions ebbed and flowed. I was nesting to the very end!

Now, just shy of two years later, I find myself back in the nest to primp and prepare. 

I was thinking about all this today after someone reminded me that now is the time I will naturally start “battening down the hatches” and really embrace the protective spirit of motherhood.

A home is something I’ve never taken for granted and I know that, for some, a ‘nest’ might be the clothes on their back, the contents of a suitcase, a special place they go to or a small space in someone else’s home. For others it may be a place they can go to inside themselves where they feel safest and most at home – or even a friend they can connect with and feel at home with.

But whatever your nest looks like, I believe the simple act of nesting can bring more peace into our lives. For me that looks like preparing a safe place for me to land when I return home –  a place where I can explore and create and love and rest without risk or intrusion. I am working towards building a nest that harbours no judgement (from outside or within myself) and is no place for irrational fear and self loathing to take up residence. I work within myself and outside myself increasing love and care and nurture and warmth. 

I see my nest in my mind and feel hopeful – which is such a fairly new and wondrous feeling in my world. Despite the weather outside my nest, I experience peace and protection. And my nest isn’t even tidy and organised and clean all the time. It’s often a jumble of half-done and will-do-later and cannot-do and only-done-if-its-fun… but it really is lovely. I think this month I am realising it really is lovely and if I embrace it, I reap the benefits of what the nest can offer me. And, you could say, the wonder of the nest is revealed to me as I explore its nooks and crannies.


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