Hopscotch moments

My daughter recently discovered the wonder of hopscotch. She watched with amazement as I sketched out the little boxes and numbers and then showed her how to jump from spot to spot.

I hadn’t meant for us to even be outside in the cold air but I felt practically suffocated by anxiety that day and found myself grasping for an activity to tide us over to dinner time and shake off my own tension.

What a simple joy it is to rebelliously draw on concrete with a fat piece of chalk! Seeing the kiddo’s delight was even better. Watching her little sister dab about with and slobber on said chalk while we hopped around was the icing on the cake.

Moments like those are really special to me. I can just tell they’ll be the moments I’ll remember. And in time I hope the bubs will remember them fondly too. Not because they’re anything super duper but because I was really there with them – present in the moment despite the daily mental grind.

In a way I think the girls take me to those moments. It’s as if their chubby little hands grab mine and tug me out of myself and into their world of wonder.

When my eldest was smaller she would repeat after me in awe “mummy has an idea!…” She’s always known that mummy having an idea is the beginning of something fun or interesting – a chance for us to explore together and make memories. I love that. I’m proud of that because it doesn’t always come easy but it always comes. Despite my grown up mind and its quirks, I know how to make hopscotch appear out of thin air.


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