Breathing trees

It’s peak hour and I find myself walking the long way home with an overtired little bub wrapped tight against my chest and an empty pram skimming ahead of me - lighter having its precious cargo commuting by other means. The traffic roars past us with ferocity. It’s unnerving and I find my arm coiling [...]

Our Vegepod: a year on

Last year we bought a raised modular garden bed called a Vegepod. We were flying pretty blind at the beginning but had high hopes that the ole pod would give us a bit of a friendly push along - seeing as it's designed to be a fairly self sufficient little invention. As you may have [...]

About doubt

I've spent so much of the last 9 months feeling inadequate and overwhelmed as a mum. What I'm realising is feeling like that doesn't mean I'm falling apart or failing. It just means I'm human. I thought I'd share some of my thoughts about motherhood on the blog despite my fear of becoming a 'mummy [...]

Walk through Sunday moments with me

We wake up in the middle of a cloud that has descended into the valley. Mist all around and above and below. Breakfast is out at a beautiful restaurant. Big wooden benches and a heavy-set table with views out to rain and green paddocks.  The baby sleeps while we linger on the porch enjoying food, [...]

Things they don’t sell in baby stores but should

It seems there's no end to the gadgets and gizmos we apparently need for our little ones. Baby stores are not for the faint-hearted. They're filled to the brim with everything you can imagine to transport, carry, entertain, feed, teach, stimulate, soothe, bounce, move, wrap, dress and care for bubbas. But you know what? They haven't [...]

Tiny Heid, illustrious author

Enjoy these stories written by 7yr old me. Note: Drawings by 31yr old me. Spelling and grammar as per original copy. The Triple Eyed Monster There once was a monster he was triple eyed. He was a sad monster even thowe he was friendley but he looked VERY scary. Everyone teased him because of his three eyes. [...]