Triple threat | part of the ‘toast mastered’ series

I have to say that when it comes to toast toppings you can rarely beat a good butter/vegemite combo. But in my opinion the single best topping combo for toast is a killer triple threat I created. You should try it and thank me later. First add your favourite peanut butter (mine's crunchy). Next it's [...]

To the edge | part of the ‘toast mastered’ series

A wise man once said "One must always butter thy toast to the edges." Well that's not entirely true but if you replace the words "wise man" with "my mum" then we're spot back on the truth. There is 'making toast' and then there is 'making toast'. My mum preached a daily message regarding the [...]

One hot minute in Melbs

Last week I found myself in Melbourne for work. I was only there for two nights but I thought I'd share some piccies from my time in the lovely southern city. When I started writing this blog I was sitting right about here: Flying seems to never lose its novelty for me. As we were [...]

Smoothie of the day: no nana

Today I decided to make a 'no nana' smoothie. Even though I love love love banana, I wanted to see if I could come up with a nana-less nom. Here's what I ended up throwing in the blender... About a cup of watermelon, an apple, a mandarin, a few slices of frozen cucumber and kiwi [...]