Triple threat | part of the ‘toast mastered’ series

I have to say that when it comes to toast toppings you can rarely beat a good butter/vegemite combo. But in my opinion the single best topping combo for toast is a killer triple threat I created. You should try it and thank me later. First add your favourite peanut butter (mine's crunchy). Next it's [...]


One hot minute in Melbs

Last week I found myself in Melbourne for work. I was only there for two nights but I thought I'd share some piccies from my time in the lovely southern city. When I started writing this blog I was sitting right about here: Flying seems to never lose its novelty for me. As we were [...]

Smoothie of the day: no nana

Today I decided to make a 'no nana' smoothie. Even though I love love love banana, I wanted to see if I could come up with a nana-less nom. Here's what I ended up throwing in the blender... About a cup of watermelon, an apple, a mandarin, a few slices of frozen cucumber and kiwi [...]