A few mindful moments

The breeze is heavenly today and the scorching sun is high above the umbrella I'm perched beneath. Just enough warmth is filtering through the canvas to gently wash over me. As the air moves, it softly shakes the shadow-casting plants and trees all around making pretty moving patterns across my arm and the little laminated [...]

Musings on the Flatty

When I read  this article by Dom Knight I giggled along with him about the meaning of different coffee orders. My coffee order is the super simple, super delicious Flatty. I can't remember why I started ordering Flat Whites but now, I rarely order anything else. When I was working full time I sometimes grabbed [...]

One hot minute in Melbs

Last week I found myself in Melbourne for work. I was only there for two nights but I thought I'd share some piccies from my time in the lovely southern city. When I started writing this blog I was sitting right about here: Flying seems to never lose its novelty for me. As we were [...]