Tiny Heid, illustrious author

Enjoy these stories written by 7yr old me.

Note: Drawings by 31yr old me. Spelling and grammar as per original copy.

The Triple Eyed Monster

There once was a monster he was triple eyed.

He was a sad monster even thowe he was friendley but he looked VERY scary. Everyone teased him because of his three eyes.

One day he went to the wized and asked him for only two eyes. The wized said that it is inposebl but he said he’d try.

So the following day the triple eyed monster met the wized on his morning stroll. Have you found a cure he said. Yes said the wized, Just drink this strawberry flaved milk.

The monster drank a little bit then in a flash there was his two perfect humen eyes. So he was never teased again and he lived hapily ever after.

The end. By Heidi.



One day Snail went for a walk in the park. It was spring, his favrite season and allso it was hot he was ROASTING so he went back home.

First he had a cool drink with ice blocks in it then a fuzzy man apeared who are you an ALIEN FROM SPACE. He said to himself im just dreaming.

The End.


What Dinosaurs Do

What do you think dinosaurs do?

My dinosaur studdies maths he’s never got an A+. BUT this time he got one because I helped him he donsent even know what 1+1 is.

But he’s always fat! do you want to know a secret!! he eats spuds!!! ooh yuck!



Tales of a mini break – Part 5

This post is approximately three whole months late. I am aware of this and yet I feel compelled to finish what I had started with my mini break series. This is after all the very last part.

Today was the last day of our minibreak – sad face 😦 It was a crazy weather day but we made the most of it, doing all the last-minute things we wanted to before our time was up. In the morning we visited the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour. This was something Mr wanted to do and I happily tagged along. Little did I know that it would be one of my favourite things we did while we were away. It was so peaceful! I loved that there was so much to look at – so many details – but when you wanted to, you could perch somewhere on a smooth rock or stone table and just soak up the calm atmosphere. I liked it so much I’m going to do a post just on the Gardens and fill it with pictures I took while we were there, yay! So that will come soon.

While we were at the gardens the weather was drizzly and humid. We were in shorts and shirts and happily snapping away in the dappled light while the rain held back. As soon as we left though, things started to get a little more hectic.

Rain was imminent and the weather man was predicting a big storm. Unfortunately, I’d taken time the night before to book a visit to the Sydney Observatory. That would be awkward if we could only see storm clouds. Nevertheless, we decided to brave it and make the most of the day we still had.

Feeling like it was the right weather for a cuppa and a scone, we headed off to a little place my mum had once taken me, called The Tea Cosy. This place is so sweet and I recommend it to everyone. They freshly bake the most gorgeous fluffy scones. You can choose from a daily selection of scones, jams and teas. We sat upstairs on the little balcony for a while until the rain convinced us to shift inside where it was warm and dry.

tea cosy 4

tea cosy1

tea cosy3

It was so rainy my hair went kind of crazy and you can see here that my curls were fighting to spring out of my smoothed back ponytail. Crazy curls! It was a lovely little while sitting out there in the fresh rain-scented air though.

tea cosy 2

After wandering through The Rocks for the rest of the afternoon, we decided on a whim to get a fancy dinner on the harbour. This turned out to be a bit of a debacle as we booked through the Italian Village and showed up in the downpour only to be told we needed to be at a restaurant down the other end of the strip (Wolfies). Very confusing but we worked it out before we were completely soaked through. Dinner was nice. It was an expensive outing but it was fun I’ll admit. We felt pretty special perched right there on the water.

PicMonkey Collage


After dinner, the rain had eased so we went walking around the quay a little until we needed to leave for the Observatory. Here are some touristy shots I took of our stunning quay. Man, I love living in Sydney!

boat in quay


opera house

The rain was gone, night had fallen and we needed to find our way up into the back of The Rocks for our Observatory tour. Even though we saw no stars, it was actually really fun and the staff were great. We spent some time learning about the universe, astronomy and Australia’s role in space exploration. Then we took a look at their recently updated planetarium – it was so cool! We also got to climb our way up into the old observatory domes and check out the two big telescopes they use. Here are a couple of shots from inside the domes. The old metal work above us was beautiful.



After a long and crazy day, we walked back to our apartment, watched some fireworks shimmer off the Westpac building next door and then snuggled into bed.

That was our minibreak in all its parts. It was only 5 days but we made the most of it and I’d love to do it again for sure. If you’re ever stuck on where to go for a break, never forget what’s on your own doorstep. Changing your perspective for just one week could be the un-holiday you really need. We loved looking at our city from another angle. It was enlightening and some of the best fun we’d had all year. Yay for minibreaks in the city! And yay for finishing a whole series on my blog!

H x

5 reasons why I want to blog

1. I like writing
It’s true. I love to put pen to paper, fingers to keys and just blab on! Seeing my thoughts and feelings written out in words is truly satisfying. The challenge to find just the right ones is always a thrill and when anyone reads my words and likes them?… Well, my heart does a little happy dance and I feel all chuffed.
I’ve even thought of writing a book one day but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. A blog might be a good start I’d say (see point number 5).

2. I like blogs
When I’m sad, bored, excited or otherwise I visit my favourite little online nook, Bloglovin’. It’s a bit of a ‘happy place’ for me. The blogs I follow are a big beautiful tangle of inspiration and energy. I read blogs about interior design, fashion, photography, story-telling, knitting, baking and all manner more of the things I love. I want to be part of that.

3. I love sharing
When people speak to me I love to listen but anyone who knows me also knows I love to talk! I never hesitate to tell my story if I think it will bring something rich to someone else. I love sharing stories back and forth with people and finding all the sparkly gems we have to share – even in the dark chapters (they’re usually the best ones for sparkly gems).

4. I want to learn
I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit rubbish at taking advice from other people. I’ve always felt a little guarded when it comes to admitting I don’t know something because it feels like I’m pointing out my flaws (and there are plenty!). What I’m realising, as I get old and grey, is that flaws are totally ok and – shock, horror – pointing them out means finding room for improvement and enrichment. I’ve already learnt so much from just reading blogs that I can’t help but wonder how much I could learn if I could ask questions myself and hear answers right here on my very own bloggy blog blog?

5. I am a procrastinator
Ok, this doesn’t seem very logical right? You don’t just wake up one day saying “Oh hey, know how I find it hard to commit to anything, finish anything or stay motivated? Well, I thought I’d start a new project – a blog!” But hear me out.
If I love blogging and can grab my phone anytime and post something, I figure I’ve got a pretty good chance at finding the motivation and opportunity to keep going at something like this. I would love to look back on this blog as an exception to my procrastinating ways and proof that I can be good at something for the long haul.
That all sounds a bit mushy but hey, I’m often a big mush-ball of a gal. And this is my blog. So yeah.

So this is it people… Heidibidey blog begins! (I totally pictured Batman just now – writing this inaugural post feels pretty dramatic I must say).