What I wore today: snuggly bug

The sun finally came out today so we took the opportunity to go for a much-needed walk. The sun was so beautiful! I'd almost forgotten what the sky looks like without big grey clouds. Today I wore one of my favourite combinations - tights (x2!), boots, tunic and scarf. It's like my favourite outfit equation! [...]

Rainy days

I'm getting used to the rain. It has been such a steady presence these last few days. Tomorrow will be wet too, so our weekend will see almost no sunshine. There's a stillness to the days that seems to grow from the numbing rhythm the drops beat to. It's a kind of white noise - [...]

I’m loving: Smoothies!

I recently got a super duper blender to make super duper smoothies that are both adventurous and nutritious. I've really enjoyed experimenting with ingredients like kale, ginger, cucumber, beetroot and frozen grapes. I've also been adding chia seeds, maca powder, cacao powder, acai berries and other 'super foods' which add more goodness. This smoothie was [...]